Power Quality assessment

Nowadays, with faster development of Energy Efficient technologies, higher renewable energy penetration and easiness of doing work, technology has transformed to market products which highly depend on sophisticated power converters including SMPS, VFD, Lighting drivers etc. most of them are functioning in a nonlinear route. They will distort the fundamental voltage profile of our system introducing harmonics, flickers, noise, and EMI, over and under voltages etc. polluting our power system. These result in various scenarios leading to the underperformance and even damage of equipment connected to the system. When, where and how these problems are impressed in the system are traced out using state of the art instruments and analytics, what we term as power quality assessment. Outcome of this activity is utilized to effectively optimize the system parameters to reduce problems and suitably size Harmonic mitigation Filters to support the modern power system to go hand in hand with Energy Efficient equipment and processes, Renewable Energy and E-mobility integrated.

Services offered by Vydyuthi Energy Services include

  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Surges & Transient Analysis
  • Voltage Dips Swells Analysis
  • Active and Reactive Power Analysis