Demand for low-carbon technologies has been increasing these days and we assist clients to meet their challenges in adopting hybrid and fully electric vehicle deployment. This is a sector which requires immense amount of awareness, innovation, technical support and guidance in order to persuade common people to move towards e- mobility solutions from conventional fuel based transportation. The government authorities at various levels and automobile industry are establishing several policies and programs in this regard. 

VES is trying to work alongside these entities in developing E-mobility infrastructure with our consulting, project management and R&D services.

We assure your investments’ safety in the technology and its returns through the following activities in this sector.

  • Techno-commercial Due Diligence
  • Fleet Management Assessment
  • Fleet Analysis
  • Range Assurance
  • Best Fit Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • EV charging stations
  • Customized EV charging stations with solar panels and battery storage