Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is nowadays a glamorous term which in turn is considered as a seventh fuel to empower the sustainable development goals. Simply Efficiency is the key parameter which assesses the performance of a system, defining how much output or purpose is served from unit energy put into the system. Poorly designed buildings, industrial equipment and businesses lead to higher energy consumption per unit of the built area and the operational costs. Inefficient buildings and industrial processes make the inhabitants uncomfortable, increasing their need for more appliances to improve well-being and quality. Efficient use of material and resources in construction will result in low energy loads in buildings. Also, in case of industries, specific energy consumption per unit product developed rates the energy performance of the installation and connected equipment. Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a key pillar of energy transformation policies in the world. Implementing robust energy efficiency interventions lead to curbed air pollution, decarbonization, improved energy utilization, better resource management, enhanced energy security and sustainable business profits. Energy efficiency aids to Energy conservation.

Energy Audits in Kerala

Energy audit is the first and most important step to find best solutions for energy management issues. Our Parent company Indira Babu Energy ventures is empanelled as Energy Audit Firm under Energy Management Centre (EMC) , Department of power Government of Kerala. VES has qualified in house team and eminent leadership to carry out energy audits in Kerala works abiding to the quality and policies set forth by EMC.

The major services offered by us in this sector include

  • Preliminary Energy Audits
  • Targeted Energy Audits
  • Detailed Energy Audits
  • PAT Energy Audits for Buildings
  • Energy Performance Assessment
  • Technology Feasibility Studies
  • Business Case Formation
  • Financial Modeling with ROI and IRR
  • Energy modeling of buildings and industries
  • ESCO Financing models
  • Project Implementation
  • Certified Training modules